Loves: Laurence York, architect of the future

It only seems right and proper that the first post in the ‘Loves’ section goes to the wonderful Laurence York. If we had homeboys in Devon, Laurence would be one. (We’re from the same village!)
Laurence is currently working on his graduate diploma in Architecture at Greenwich University. His beautiful dystopian drawings recently caught the eye of Aaron Betsky, who featured him in an article on promising student architects.
At Greenwich, Laurence York, under the direction of Simon Herron, displayed a similar hand, imagining fragments of London becoming cancerous with mechanical equipment spilling out from its hiding places to compete with the city’s columns, pediments, and traffic. The drawings had a messy logic to them that made you almost believe his crazy ideas. His thesis proposal was for a new bank for the Commonwealth countries, which would evidence itself as an enclosed garden on the site of the National Gallery’s ill-conceived Venturi Scott Brown and Associates–designed addition. The bankers were to regain sanity there, while the actual work took place underground, unless there was a dispute between countries, in which case a tower would push up through the garden, enclosing the disputants until they came to agreement. 


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When you see Laurence’s sketches, you can see why he was chosen:


Downing Street by Laurence York

Axo Section by Laurence York

Sickeningly, Laurence is also one of the nicest guys in existence. (Ladies, sorry but he’s taken!) Check out the rest of his work and remember his name. He’s going to achieve amazing things.