End of tax year financial fun

It seems appropriate to file financial planning affairs under business, right?

With the end of the financial year approaching very fast, we’re just going through our last minute catch ups. In between tracking down forgotten log in details I’ve been reading a lot and found the following links that might be useful:

Compare ISAs with Love Money – I know very little about how all this financial stuff works, and have enjoyed the straightforward layout of the Love Money site. They link out to the different ISA plans, but do read around before you sign up to anything. Compare the fees!! One of the books I picked up pointed out that while 1.5% doesn’t sound like a huge amount, when you’re talking about thousands and tens of thousands (or, if you’re not so new to the game, hundreds of thousands) of pounds, it’s a lot of money!

I’ve been struggling to find out information about pension contributions by Limited Companies. I guess it’s a bit of a niche topic, as none of the books I bought go into it in any detail and a lot of the websites that have relevant information tend to be accounting firms that are making a sales pitch, and so withhold key parts of the information.

I ended up calling the Pensions Advisory Service, who were very friendly and helpful. They can provide advice on personal and occupational pensions and you can contact them via their website as well.

One of my favourite discoveries of the day is this checklist from Candid Money – I love lists, especially those designed to simplify a headache inducing situation! Useful and informative, will be checking out more of their Candid Guides in the future.

Hope this is of some use to someone else. Once we get a definitive answer on pension contributions by a Limited Company, will aim to write some more. Time for a cuppa and break from all the financial jargon!