Google Reader replacement that does desktop and devices?

It seems compulsory to start a post about Google Reader by lamenting its imminent passing, which I’ve been doing for a while. It’s not as flashy as Facebook or as integrated into networking as LinkedIn, but it’s a reliable tech workhorse that many of us use daily.

As an Android person, I have been using Google Currents to read various news and RSS feeds for several months. It’s pretty and easy to read:


I have and will continue to recommend Google Currents as one of my top ‘you must get this app’ apps. But Google Currents is also, at the moment, dependent on Google Reader to deal with anything related to your personal RSS feeds:


Like Currents, I always fall back to trusty Reader. We’ve been together for years and have accumulated many, many RSS feeds during that time. I like having something discreet and integrated with my Google account. I can just open it up and add a new website or blog to my list in two clicks. It’s also got a very powerful search function, which is really useful if you’re trying to track down an article you read years ago. But hey, it is not to be for much longer and the search for a replacement goes on.

I’ve done a little bit of hunting and a friend said he’d heard people were migrating to The Old Reader. (That’s pretty much a direct quote.) I had the tab open for a week or so, waiting to make the move, but it never happened. It sounds like a great project and I look forward to seeing how it progresses in the future. I sort of forgot about the Great Migration until the next time I used Reader and got sad all over again.

Yesterday I saw BlogLovin’ recommended as a replacement by Liberty London Girl.

Fullscreen capture 10042013 105452.bmp

I love her website and her recommendations are honest, but a very brief scan of the BlogLovin’ website wasn’t enough to convince me. The little Apple Store link at the top got me thinking about finding an Android optimised RSS manager and I found this article: ‘What is the best Android alternative to Google Reader?’

The only app on the list that I’d heard of before was Feedly before, so decided to bite the bullet and give it a whirl. I like that there is a Chrome version as well, so I can manage my RSS feeds on my desktop. I am also more than a little bit in love with Bufferapp, which Feedly supports as a sharing platform. I figured it might take a while to find a decent replacement, and can return to do more research if Feedly and I don’t work out… It is currently synchronising in a background window as I type – will report back on how it goes!