Tips & Tricks: Cleaning your George Foreman grill

One of the down sides to living in big cities is that living space is at a premium. Small kitchens and bathrooms are a hazard of city housing.

Our kitchen is pretty compact and with busy lives, we like meals that are easy to prepare and to clean up after, with minimal mess along the way.

Enter the George Foreman. We got one like this with a flat griddle on the right, which is great for eggs and vegetables.  I don’t remember when we got it, because I don’t remember life before it! I just imagine it to be a sad time that involves lots of frying pans and fatty foods.

To make the most of our space, we got a big wooden chopping block from Ikea (this one, which we use upside down) that  we put over the stove and then put George on top. It’s been fantastic – we’ve added the grill to our cooking options, but not lost precious counter space. When we need to use the hob, George goes in the hallway.

Cleaning a George is not always the most straightforward of tasks. In order to preserve it (him?) for as long as possible, we decided on a no chemicals, no scouring, no scrubbing approach. The solution = white wine vinegar + kitchen towel.

While the grill is still warm, we spray it with vinegar and wipe off most of the grease. If the grease doesn’t budge, spray it again.

We decided we liked this approach because you eat food prepared on the surface you clean. The thought of eating bleach gives me the heeby-jeebies. Eating vinegar? Really not so bad.

Word to the wise – wait for the grill to cool down a bit before spraying it and make sure you have some ventilation going. Breathing in a lung-full of vinegar vapour is not particularly fun!


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