Reading: Niger migrants ‘die of thirst’ crossing the Sahara

Not sure if stories like this are coming to light because of increased interest in the region, a shift in the recent Government structures of the region allowing for more outside attention and reporting, or if cases are on the rise. Either way, heartbreaking news –

Dozens of people traversing the Sahara desert on their way to Europe are feared to have died of thirst in Niger, officials say.

Five bodies have been found, while a further 35 are missing after their vehicle broke down and they set off to seek help, said the Agadez governor.

The article continues –

The authorities have called off the search for the missing.

They consisted of “entire families, including very many children and women,” Azaoua Mamane, who works for the non-governmental organisation Synergie in Arlit, told the AFP news agency.

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