Loves: JoJo Encourages

I have long been a fan of my wonderful friend Jo. She has the sunniest of personalities and is an amazing person to be around. Really pleased to be able to profile her company, JoJo Encourages!

(Click through on any of the images to be taken to her Etsy store, where you can buy prints and cards.)

Tell us a bit about your company

Jojo Encourages was founded in 2011 by myself, Joanna Reynolds, in Sydney, Australia. I design, hand drawn, hand paint and hand colour cards, paper goods and prints for children’s bedrooms and create encouraging art for the home. The ethos of the business is all about bringing a little bit of sunshine and happiness into people’s worlds, through simplistic child-like designs and positive, encouraging typography.

What drew you to making cards and inspirational art?

I founded Jojo Encourages after sustaining a serious injury to my arms (RSI) that resulted in changing careers. Whilst recovering, and not being able to do much(!) I re-discovered my love for art and creativity. Having gone through such a rough time personally, I felt inspired to encourage others through my art!

My wonderful mother-in-law, Dawn, actually is very creative too, and asked me to do a few designs for a local craft market to go with hers, which got the ball rolling. I now design prints, as well as greeting cards for the home.

Additionally, I wanted to re-discover simplicity in a busy, chaotic and, at times, negative world where so much competes for our attention; I wanted to bring a sense of child-like wonder and tranquillity to the designs through simple colourful illustrations, and encouraging words.

Talk us through your designs

I love putting pen to paper, and colouring in with my watercolour pencils and paintbrushes! In a world where so much art is digitally drawn and coloured, I wanted to stay true to my roots and hand draw and hand colour everything.


Oh! Hello Little Rainbow – I love this piece. It is all about simplicity and child-like wonder. I wanted it to capture the adult’s mind too, revisiting their own childhood. Those hazy days where you look into the clouds and daydream…




Ooh La La! Regardez Mon Petit Gateau!(Translation: Ooh! Look at my cupcake!) Here, I pictured a little girl sitting in a pretty cafe with pink surroundings, admiring her beautiful pink cupcake before she devoured it! It’s about seeing the cupcake through the little girls eyes 🙂




Love with all of your heart – This is a new piece. So heartfelt, and simple. It was inspired by a knitted patchwork blanket wrapped around a tree! Just love the bright block colours.


Custom Design: Isn’t She Lovely – This was a custom order, for a mother who wanted the first two verses of Stevie Wonder’s song on her Nursery Wall for her baby girl. I loved experimenting with the various fonts, and piecing it all together like a jigsaw puzzle!



Everything is Possible – This is a new piece, where I am exploring the simplicity of black and white using only a black fineliner as my tool. I love working with ‘curls and swirls'(!) and am inspired by elegant typography. In a sense, I wanted the powerful words in this piece to be enough for those receiving it. It is an inspirational piece, simply saying: you can do all things, your dreams can be made possible.

Where can we buy it?

Currently you can purchase my designs through Etsy ( I hope to be able to do more Tradeshows and Markets in the future. My dream would be get some of my cards into the likes of John Lewis! I also plan for customers to be able to purchase through my website (, but for now Etsy is the place to go!

How can we stay up to date with your designs?

You can keep up to date through my website, and I am also on Facebook where I post most days something about colour, design, illustration and encouragement. (

Please stop by the Facebook page to see the latest competitions and give aways!