Website hosting

I am just in the process of writing an email to a colleague about websites and hosting and realised I was about to recommend Bluehost, again. Bluehost are my go to website host. This is in part because I’m familiar with their product, but also because it’s pretty decent.

We’ve been with Bluehost for many years now – over five, I believe* – and I’ve got no complaints.

Whenever I’ve had a problem (or created one for myself), their customer service has been able to help me. The control panel is easy to navigate and makes sense. I don’t remember the last time we had down time for any of our sites. This isn’t the most technical of reviews, but they are a company I trust well enough to recommend to friends and colleagues.

To that end, I figured I’d see what sort of referral programme they have, which led me to this ‘ere box –

If you sign up via this link, then I will receive a reward for signing you up.

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*  I’m currently in denial about getting old-er, don’t want to think about it too much.