The 52 (and 26) Book Challenge of 2015

Last year around this time a grumble (“I used to read so much!! What happened??” Answer: life) turned into a challenge to myself.

No challenge would be complete without some team spirit and a list, so the latter was made and the former appeared. Friends and family from all round the world took part in the challenge and we checked in with each other from time to time to see how everyone was doing. Grandma may have definitely won – when we last checked a few months ago she was getting close to finishing her 90th book.

Having very happily completed this challenge, it’s time to start again!

Here is the sheet for this year’s challenge –

Reader 01012015 132718.bmp(Click the image or here to download the sheet.)


The rules for our household will be the same this year as last:

1. The book has to have at least 200 pages.*

2. It cannot be a picture and/or photo book.

Feel free to follow these or vary them as you need.

This year I’ve added a length column, because I found that the focus on quantity of books meant I didn’t read books longer than 350 pages by an unknown author from the summer onwards – I couldn’t afford to lose the time if it turned out to be a terrible book.

There are also a couple of really hefty books (700+ pages) that I have shamefully not finished in er… over… er… five years. My hope/plan is that a 700 page book will maybe count as two shorter books? Will take it to the jury and see what they say.

I also created the 26 Book Challenge, for those that are too busy, discerning or not that into reading but still fancy a reading challenge –

Reader 01012015 134406.bmp

(Click the image or here to download the sheet.)

However you decide to take part, please do! Come share your thoughts and reads in the comments below or on Twitter.

May you have a wonderful 2015, filled with literary revelations!




* I hated this rule by the end of November…