Get your read on – the 52 and 26 Book Challenge of 2016!

It’s the glorious fresh start to a new year, so that must mean it’s a glorious fresh start to the 52 (and 26) book challenge for 2016!

This is our third year for running the challenge (you can view the sheets for 2014 and 2015, if that strikes your fancy). Once again, Grandma smashed the challenge out of the stratosphere by reading over a hundred books…

The goal is to get you reading more and to get people sharing their book recommendations. There are no real rules, but the ones we follow in our household are:

1. The book has to have at least 200 pages.

2. It cannot be a picture and/or photo book.

I didn’t finish reading 52 books in 2015. I made it to 49 and two thirds and then realised that part of growing up is learning when to say no and to not beat yourself up for not doing things that really aren’t important. So instead of a mad rush to read books – and I always seem to run out of good, quick reads by the end – I did things in real life instead… Might have to try that again sometime.

Last year, in a state of serious optimism, I started reading a book in French. Unsurprisingly, that stalled, but when I do complete it will be awarding myself extra brownie points. I finished one of the insanely long and turgid books that has been haunting me for years, which felt like a nice victory. I’ll write up some book reviews – seems the best way to share such things.

52 Book Challenge

2015 52 Book Challenge

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26 Book Challenge

2015 26 Book Challenge

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